On another note…

by Jolyn Low

I’ve been looking up courses online and asking around. I’m really glad that I’ve older cousins and adults around me helping me in any way that they can – their advice, offers to help and anecdotes are so invaluable at this point in time. When I asked my aunt if I could move in with her if I took up a certain course (as the school was near her place and if I lived at home I’d die travelling everyday) she said yes with like no hesitation. Like who would accept having a freeloader like me.

The messed up applications just make everything worse. Of course I’d love to study overseas. But is it worth it? Financially, imo, it definitely isn’t. Maybe it’s for the best. I’m just hedging my bets and I’m going to wait for my results. Maybe start on a couple of essays for applications. And it’s time I really sit down and think.

I’m thinking of getting a MacBook pro. A good, functioning laptop is needed these days.

I just keep spending time with my dog trying to train her (lol) and accidentally let her sleep in my room these days. So I’m trying to wean her off now and it’s currently sucking.

I kinda can’t wait for my internship to begin. Then purpose and need would drive this lethargy away. I’m kinda glad that I accepted it anyway, it is an avenue I don’t mind serving in next time. I’ve been flirting with the idea of going freelance these days too, though.
Make it work.