The Codeine Scene

by Jolyn Low

My face is burning up like and I feel like my body temperature is jacking up. Its the super-bloody tired burning up kinda thing since I woke at 6.15 am. I cannot believe that this is my reality for the next 9 weeks. I really hope that it’s an enriching and fufiling experience. So I’ve been awake for 18 hours – no wonder I died when I went to shop for “office casual”. Shopping is hell these days. Its become a chore. I’m more keen on skincare/soap these days instead of clothes because I frankly cannot bear to spend so much money on clothes. Fashion passes but your body is for life.

I need to crawl up at 8+ tomorrow for a wedding so excuse me. Reflections will come sometime later I suppose. I’ve yet to draw up my new years resolution anyway ugh.


Weddings take up so much time I literally spent the whole day partaking in the festivities. It was so elaborate and time consuming I cannot. At the dinner reception I was kinda getting drunk meh sloshing about in white whine, champagne and red wine. It was kinda fun getting drunk though it’s like everything is funny, less inhibited and fuzzy haze of drunknwss I’m sorry I have no other words to describe the feeling.

Then I felt sleepy and crashed once I got home. I woke feeling sleepy as hell. Weddings are mad shit. Can’t imagine how the bride and groom and parents and friends really suffer to out on such a show/to organize everuthing. When it’s my turn, it’s gonna be short, simple and then boom off to travel the world with the future beau.

But then again I’m the first child so we’ll see how that goes. I mean, what’s the point of spending >$10k on a day right? The wastage and excessive amount of money spent is so harmful and useless.