School rule blues

by Jolyn Low

Who ever thought that I would end up doing this during the holidays? As a student, I have to admit that I’ve a pretty bad record/stirred up some serious crap in my days. It’s kind of eye opening to be in the other side of the fence these past few days. But being the lazy ass I am I’m dreading work/so tired already.

It’s been a tough couple of days. No Molly coddling at all. No company. I feel like I’m in an awkward position due to my position. I’m not that much older. I’m not that qualified. I’ve no idea what I’m doing to be honest.

Travelling over an hour every single day is draining me so badly too. I feel like quitting but I can’t so I guess here’s to 39 more days in office hell. I discovered a really nice spot with an amazing view today though. Might consider spending some more time up there these days. Also realised that there was a library! Seems like I’ve found my hideaway for the next few days.