Dreadful dreaming

by Jolyn Low

There seems to be this arcadian dream in the back of my head…it is beautiful. But then I’m brought back to this reality where everything is uncertain. Its a massive cluster of screw ups and muddle here. How do I attain that dream? Is it a mere figment of my imagination or can I really make that reality?

I’m looking forward to the weekend. Its going to be exhausting as hell but to be honest, nothing makes me more alive than rushing about and juggling a million things at once. It doesn’t hurt that there is monetary incentive for me either. I honestly don’t mind the work that it is…its a job that people (sometimes) look down upon or think that isn’t worth it. In my opinion, its hard work. It is what it is. I feel satisfied knowing that I’ve done my best serving others. The fact that I’ve met so many people from so many different walks of life opens your eyes too. I daresay that I’ve had some of the best conversations and most fun whilst on this job too. Its going to be worth it in the end.

Sadly, can’t say the same for the internship. I really dread work every day. I drag myself there, slack off as much as I can and still end up so exhausted and weary.

Hence, I’ve already been searching for alternative jobs out there. I’m thinking of venturing into retail too. Since I’ve pretty much done service and office based jobs. Seems interesting enough (the discounts won’t hurt too). Might try a real proper service job…maybe one day.

I refuse to write indirect comments but I’m just so frustrated and mad.