by Jolyn Low

I’ve completed the series (Harry Potter) in the past 7 days. I started out rather skeptical – I’d read the sorcerer’s stone once before but had forgotten a huge part so I read it again before embarking on the following novels. Never did I expect to complete it within a week. It’s the most I’ve read on my spanking new kindle since I’ve got it for a rather ill deserved yet wonderful present. If I Stay seemed to be the only book before it. It’s been an amazing journey through the books. Can’t say that I was captivated throughout, but I kept going back for more. Every spare moment I had was spent in the wonderful world created in the book that had manifested in my visual mind. I did attempt watching the movies with every book that I read but I stopped at the third because they seemed too long and drawn out in comparison to what I read. I wish I could live in that happy little fantasy forever but it’s time to put the series behind me for good. It’s definitely a good read.


I think I might progress to Quidditch through the Ages and Tales of Beetle the Bard but tomorrow’s going to be a trip back to reality so that might have to wait.

Internship till 2 and working a shift till 1130 because money makes the world go around.