by Jolyn Low

Am going to be working tomorrow alone and and it’s causing loads of unfounded anxiety and fear. Some are silly, such as that of missing the bus home. Not sure if I should continue or if I should stop. Is there something better out there? I hope so.

Schedule’s really quite messed up too. It really depends on which university I end up attending. Which, in turn, heavily lies on my results. During work, I drafted something on my notebook. It was my expectations vs reality table for the results. It’s not the end-all to be honest. I’m just not very sure about where exactly I stand. I guess I’m expecting the range from A to C. And I’m hoping that my rank points aren’t below 80. Hopefully I’ll live up to the 82-83 that was projected from psle (lol).
I’m leaning towards nus though…the pros such as tuition fees, proximity to my house compared to other unis, and the plethora of courses available for one to explore are drawing me in. Sure, the shorter completion time of other unis are tempting too but at this moment, I’m really not sure what I can do anyway. I just know that when I enter uni, I’m going to try my bloody best for those 4×9 months. No half-assing anything.

I’m quite happy to be getting back into the swing of things now. Just two more weeks to the end!