Resumes and prospects

by Jolyn Low

I’m so unsure on what I want to do after this internship ends. Friday was good – the kids were pretty well behaved and I felt that they were much more responsive. Yay for teacher-student relationship!

The next two weeks are going to be quite interesting though. Going for a field trip with them on Tuesday and having a busy Monday as usual which makes me so happy. I’ll admit that I complain a lot but it’s been a better week and I’m finally seeing some fruits of my labour so it’s quite fulfilling.

Work at night almost killed me though. Some customers have no basic respect at all. It obviously pisses you off when you’re trying your best to provide good service and things just don’t go the way you want it to. Thankfully it’s just a casual position and I frankly don’t care much for it. Just going to grind through them hours and come back with more money.

Moving on, I’m not very sure what other job to pursue after this. I’m quite keen on doing something really wild and crazy (as well as highly irrelevant for any portfolio) but I really love the subject. I’m not sure if I’ll make it through the selection/get the job though. Should be able to secure another that’s closer to home and convenient with a reasonable pay so I’m not sure what to do if I get it. I need more income so might still have to work another part-time job but really don’t know if I can.

Let’s just wait for Monday and see what happens, huh.