Marching On

by Jolyn Low


This month is a turning point for me. After a couple of months lazing away (mostly) and trying to finish up an internship, the results are out! Received my results on Monday and from now on, it’s going to be tireless applications and crossed fingers. Am completing the internship next Friday (yessss…) and from then on I’m free. Have already applied for and gotten another job in the mean time. It offers me the flexibility, proximity and peace I need, so no complaints here.

I would also like to start working out again in an attempt to live a more healthy life. Will be trying to pick up running again as well as little circuit trainings. Am interested in trying out a new activity like yoga or pilates because my flexibility is simply terrible. Stretching is torturous. Something needs to be done.

Suddenly, a whole lot of options have opened up before me. But looking at it, grades just seem like such an insignificant part of life. I frankly do not care much or feel very happy. Instead, I feel more burdened than ever now, choosing which path to take. There is the pressure, the social and practical influence to pursue something prestigious or something that would offer me a better future. I’m entertaining thoughts about courses I once considered obsolete. University is an experience that I would love to savour – to spend exploring, growing and enjoying. At this moment, I am so befuddled and stressed out that I really have no idea what I should do. There are so many essays to write for applications. So many documents to be uploaded. So many deadlines and clashing schedules. What if I miss out?

But then I remember my roots. Recalling the struggles in the past 6 years make me realise that maybe I should be thankful for the little blessings and remember my initial plan. Nonetheless, if I could, heading overseas for university would be such a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’d grab on to that hope till the last moment.

Ultimately, I am who I let myself be. Nothing is impossible at this moment in time. I suppose the best thing I’ve done was making my family so happy for once in my life.

Thankful for all these blessings in my life.