Gunning it down

by Jolyn Low

The rebel in me remains.

I’m applying now when applications are clearly over but this is a once in a lifetime chance. The only problem is that of churning out all the essays before the datelines (which are so confusing) how is there a dateline tonight when it clearly states that it closes two weeks after the release of results? Someone tell me why.

I think I need to edit two essays and draft up two more. And thats the minimal number. I’ve already decided to cut down on about four others so thats a sacrifice I’ve got to make. Another is that of what to put as my first choice for courses especially for NUS. I think if I get a scholarship there’s no point in getting a local one – go big or go home, eh?

The adrenaline rush is making me so excited and optimistic its ridiculous because I’ve honestly chosen an extremely dangerous path. Who knows if I’d even get a offer? More so, if I’m scholarship material? I struggled so badly crafting the essay today as compared to the other one. Another fear is that of the offers coming in at the wrong times. I can’t possibly hold onto a place forever. Eventually, I’d have to decide, don’t I?

Just hoping and praying for the best.