Spring Tripping

by Jolyn Low

Set off for KL this morning after a worrisome night but all is well. Am cutting it real close with the piano practicing – I’ve only 12 days to get my shit together before the exam wtf! Better finish up and be fluent by the 31st because once shortlisting for courses begins I’ll be stressed as hell again.


Breakfast all day every day. But this is so stupid they placed the two egg sunny side up right smack at the bottom of the pile so one yolk burst and you can see the other miraculously withstanding the pressure. It was really sub par although the name of the shop was real creative.


View from the club lounge he he he. The Sheraton is kinda located at a semi remote area compared to what I’m used to. It’s an older hotel – I remember staying in the exact same room years ago but during recent visits we always stayed at the Westin which was conveniently located near the major mall. But the design and the furnishings are so grand yet rustic. It’s old but it looks good as it ages because it’s kinda old fashioned and classically designed. Have access to the club lounge and had TWG/wine. Internet access is really convenient and fast too! Usually I find that higher end hotels tend to be more stingy with wifi but apparently this ain’t the case here.

And the toilet is huge wtf the size of the shower is as large as a toilet at home omg. Like imagine a large bathtub, a huge mirror placed on the wall and a standing shower space larger than the tub – with two showers omg.

Ok I am very fortunate and very blessed time to work hard.

My monthly goal of April:
1. Pass my grade 8 once and for all
2. Pass BTT and start practical yay!!!
3. Ace all the tests and interviews I’m shortlisted for
4. Find another job (LOL) am enjoying my interim unemployment for approximately a month though!

In the mean time, need to write three more essays. And I think I need to spend a day thinking in a cafe on what to do really…what if I fail for my first choice…and what will I fall back on. I really feel very unprepared and overwhelmed the further I get in. I suppose I have dug myself a really deep hole not thinking about the future. But really…I don’t know what the hell is going on.

All routes are difficult. But I really just desire two. It’ll be tough, but I know that either way, I’d like it and revel in it because finally, I’ve done it.