Overly active imagination

by Jolyn Low

The sparks of inspiration are rare to come by…and suddenly I’m really inspired to write. I recall having brilliant moments where I decide to capitalise on a certain social phenomena or personal happening that I thought I could incorporate into the story. Sadly, it seems as though I’ve forgotten it all again.

Heading back tomorrow is rather nostalgic. In the years before, I’d always spend this day stuck in the most awful traffic ever (or so I perceive) – taking up to 5 hours to clear immigrations because of the holiday rush. Well, seems like we’re doing it again but without the ire and irksomeness of knowing that one has school to attend to the next morning. Instead, I’m determined to be hitting those keys with my spastic fingers for all I’m worth.

Watched insurgent yesterday and it was a good refresher although some scenes were cut off. I mean, couldn’t they have left it in but boosted up the appropriate audience age? But then again, there’s nothing really wrong with how its going down right now either I’m kinda glad I didn’t see it. It’s difficult to garner the appropriate respect for work when it’s riddled and run so heavily on such a topic.

I’ve finished this series on wattpad just…reading through it from the first book to the current uncompleted one. It’s been a year since I’ve first started reading it. I didn’t have very high expectations for it – it’s not perfectly written. There are loopholes, errors, and certain logical blackholes but it’s so charming. I see the parallels with another though. But it’s very much a buildungsroman. The main character grows so much. It is currently incomplete, at one of the last chapters when there is supposed to be a final battle taking place. I feel very bereft yet very glad that I decided to read it all again. These 12 hours have been amazing, immersed in this little fantasy and messing up my mind trying to think of the theory and resolution. I suppose I’m going to have to wait up to maybe another twelve months for the last few chapters to come up. It’s excruciating but I understand why. (Will probably bawl my eyes out in the final battle scene – I sense a plot twist and will be sobbing through the happy ending although I theorize that she will eventually live and he will forgive her and all is well because you do not screw up a happy ending. Okay I am idealistic. Alternatively, she may die and I will still cry because she is so noble and I feel like I can relate to her so well as she’s in my age range. In fact, the couple might die so boo hoo. But then my theory stands that the prophecy was meant for someone else – maybe their kid. Which means the cycle begins again which is so unlikely but makes sense too in a way!) Pity the spectator who goes insane with imagination.

I’m really damn tired I hate travelling by car. I wish I could teleport…like the stories…But fat hope I live in reality.