Tripping Over

by Jolyn Low

One more essay and I’m done with this shit! I’m kinda worried because I haven’t received any replies yet. Looking back on my essays they are horrendous and so idealistic fml.

Flying off in 12 hours yay Bangkok here I come. Have spent the past two days lazing about and tinkling the ivory keys. Realised I’m too impatient and bull headed in putting my own spin to the pieces. Clash of feeling and expression…what can I say.

Ready to kick back and relax hell yeah before coming back and being serious again. I really need to get my shit together for piano by the end of this month. Got new books from Malaysia so I can’t complain I’ve so many to read now I’m excited! Some classics and other more contemporary selections on the kindle. It’s kinda funny how I only purchase classics. I suppose some things are just timeless, aren’t they. Bronte awaits!

I really feel like backpacking across the region before heading off to uni. Like just meandering my way through, with few worries and at my own time and pace. Not very sure how that’ll work out but I hope that it comes through! I’m looking forward to May though. A month where I have no commitments at all and is probably the most free so far. Those six weeks between tests and interviews till the decision day will be stressful but I hope that it’s all worth it. Should take this last chance to relax anyway.

My pay has arrived and I’m ridiculously happy about it. Ultimately it’s not much but it’s a wonder how much money one can save when they spend all day lazing at home and leeching off home.

Praying for a safe and enjoyable journey ahead.