“You should know where I’m coming from”

by Jolyn Low

Sometimes, I search for random songs online. Stumbling across something that is so relatable and right is like coming across a jackpot. I find that when I go for too long without music (maybe 2 days?) I have the urge to just turn it on. It’s a coping mechanism. Since last year, I’ve pretty much had the same music grounding me. I’ve found 3 mainstays. Blue, psychedelic and that which speaks to me. Seems like I’ve found yet another. Pop comes and goes, but these appeal to the soul.

Opinions are cheap but here’s my say anyway. These mean nothing in the long run and all it has done is more damage and harm. Comparisons are never ending and often cruel. Sadly, this burning rage seems to only be fuelled. This was not how I intended to feel. But this is reality, and dreams have to be built. So many walls and barriers to overcome. But all the more important to keep striving and never let idiots get you down.

This is my life. I’m not inferior to any other. Not because of my background, my genes, nor my education. My education is what I make of it. And its a poor indicator of a man. Scoff all you like, but think about it. Have you done something meaningful in your life? Is work really that important to you? What is family?

So long as I keep my head screwed on the right way and live a life I can be proud of, I have nothing to fear. Death can come any time, and I hope that I would be able to welcome it, knowing that I have run a good race through my life.