by Jolyn Low

Problems with sleeping without a pillow:
– The nasty bed head when you wake up (I look like I’ve a bird’s nest on my head).

On the other hand, it really does something for the posture although it’s kinda useless at some points because I prefer to sleep on my side usually anyway.

Need to start exercising soon and work on my core and stamina. Can’t believe how much I’ve let myself go although it was kinda bound to happen. To better days beyond 18 april – getting into the course I like and finding a nice job to spend the rest of my holiday at (and hopefully save up enough for a camera + laptop).

I’ve got a call and got shortlisted for the other scholarship (cue screaming). I’m kinda worried because it’s an activities based assessment though and I didn’t even go for the first round so I might be at a disadvantage because they don’t know anything about me yet? Networking/mingling is so scary ugh need to be more gutsy.

Please let it be okay.

Next week and the week after are going to be so busy. I’m having a probable total of 4 interviews and 4 tests it’s even more anxiety inducing than before. Be brave Jolyn, c’mon.

I need to study so much before I can go LOL.

I am so unprepared and prepared to flunk my life is a mess.

I’m getting extremely concerned over the lack of reply gosh.