One final try

by Jolyn Low

Tomorrow will mark the end of this horrible week. Perhaps it isn’t so bad. I got to catch up with a couple of people and got my pdl. Walked out of the examination room in tears again because I just suck so badly at the piano. The examiner was really nice though…and aural was a breeze for once. Praying that my score improves at the very least if not I’m going to be really disappointed in myself. (Like I’m ever really pleased with myself either)

If I get offered what I want tomorrow I’m going to be in such a dilemma. Heading off for a job interview later ugh I never want to leave my bed.

Hell yeah got the job. It’s not perfect – I was dying from the stench of dog diarrhoea whilst waiting but it’s pretty cool and the boss seems great as well. May – July is fixed then. But seems like I’ve still got a couple of weeks of April to burn.

When I walked out of the clinic, I was pretty damn happy because I got the job. Then I checked my phone and got the text. And I was so ecstatic throughout the ride home and started getting all my documents ready. Then after a couple of hours of slacking, I got another text! My wait is over and I’m so happy today has got to be one of the best days ever. Nothing is set in stone but at least something is happening. The first week of May…that’ll be the week if revelation.

In the mean time, rushing to come up with something because it seems like the test has changed. Darn it. Next week is going to be pretty nerve wrecking as well. But that’s when it really is going to count.

I hope I secure something tomorrow as well.