Fine by me

by Jolyn Low

Everything is going pretty smoothly (for now) except for the fact that I don’t have a portfolio to present this coming Saturday. It’s pretty messed up but I’m hoping to complete at least 5 pieces. I did have a few spurts of motivation and inspiration when something just materialised.

I’ve kinda forgotten how to be around people in my few weeks of hermit life (aka slothing around the house).

Friday was pretty alright. Went for the interview and after the hellos and good mornings the interviewers dropped the bomb. “Can you explain to us why you chose your courses the way you did?” And I totally didn’t understand them because they phrased it differently so I was like “whut” for about half a minute before blabbering. Was asked about leadership and about my take on a current global event too but I can’t seem to remember what else they asked me. I then went on to talk about a local event regarding depression and insurance and got pretty passionate about it and it ended with the professor concluding “that’s what they do in actuarial science”. Got asked about what else I applied for in other unis and got questioned how I was going to make a decision so I told them that it would be really difficult since I see the merits of all the courses I applied for and would leave it to be  faced in May. I don’t think they were overtly impressed but my interview did take quite a different route from what I thought it would.

So what came after Friday? I have two tests and interviews this week for dentistry and architecture and it’s pretty damn terrifying. If I end up being unsuitable for the course I’d understand. Need to spend some time reflecting and coming up with better pieces. At the same time, am trying to enjoy myself for this last two weeks of freedom before my new job begins and the wait for results becomes even more excruiciating. May will kill me.

Had a good night out on Saturday. Tried whisky which actually tasted pretty good – like cough medicine mixed with sugar. I think I’m semi-insulting the taste here but that’s what I thought it tasted like. Cool. I’ve been limited to wine, champagne and beer (which I personally dislike but if it’s the good kind then I’m fine) so far, trying only rum but I hated it. I think the triple sec in the cocktails I’ve had was pretty alright as well.

I should really start hardcore studying, reflecting and practicing.