Fool’s gold

by Jolyn Low

Today, I had my braces taken off after 3 and a half years. It feels damn strange to smile and not have the wires rubbing against my lips, the middle of my teeth seeing the light again. After eating, moving my tongue around in an attempt to remove unsightly food (gasp) is pretty much history and is now a habit that I want to kick to the curb. My teeth feel squeaky clean as hell, and it feels great to be free.

Other than this morning adventure, I’ve spent my day reading the Game of Thrones. It just sucked me in and although I’m reading at a pretty slow pace – only about 300 pages today, it’s a lot to absorb. It’s so engaging. I can’t wait to unravel more of the mystery as I go along. Probably the most interesting thing that I’ve gleaned is the crazy wide range of reception the characters have. Ned Stark is a respectable man, who seems to be sensible, and morally upright. Yet the stark difference (ha ha I’m so punny) in the way that he is perceived across the sea reminds one that he isn’t perfect. I feel like he’s a tragic hero in a sense. No matter how hard he tries, he’s bound to fail. A sad reflection of reality at times.

Tyrion Lannister is hilarious though. I found myself laughing at the fighting scene on the way towards the Eyrie…is this spelt right? He’s quite the relatable character. Not altogether a goody two shoes, but an appealing character that blurs boundaries and one that you never know what to expect from.

Such a plethora of characters to love, hate, and grow with. Being me I struggle with the names at times due to the number of characters and the various names some individuals go by. Other than that, a thrilling read. I admire writers who craft such complete fantasy worlds. They just suck one in and it’s as though reality is suspended for the time being. Like Narnia…geez.

Got a call and it’s like a god send. I honestly thought that I had no chance…guess what, it’s here and I better get a grip and show them what I’ve got.

Falling ill from the flu. Please let me survive the 11 hours tomorrow – it’s gonna be hell. Maybe I just dislike working.