by Jolyn Low

I’ve been drafting quite a few posts over the course of the week but just never went around finishing it. Hence the lack of updates.

Something has been bothering me. The incessant worry about finances has been weighing me down immensely. With university coming up, driving and plain living, money comes into play. Today, I was quite horrified to realize that I’ve spent around $1200 on my driving lessons thus far, especially when that includes only the theory and 14 practical lessons. It seems like an insane expense now compared to a riding license. A luxury and impractical piece of paper that I cannot afford.

I suppose that that’s the challenge: to make every moment worth it. I’m sacrificing time at work for more time for myself. More time to plan and decide on which route to take. Of course, things are never entirely smooth sailing. However, nothing can be achieved by complacency and a lack of drive.

The next two weeks are going to be quite the slog at work – pulling 11 hour shifts and juggling the shit that happens. Hope that it goes well and that this new deal goes through.

Its a tough path, but one with the right support and hard work can possibly work.