Dirt on my shoes

by Jolyn Low

Recently, I’ve started on a new job (o wow what a surprise the pampered brat is working in customer service?!). Yes, yes I am. It’s a pretty fun job to be honest. Tough, but undoubtedly better than sitting in front of a computer and surfing the web waiting for 1.30pm to come around.

I’m sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus and the breeze is blowing. The leaves falling in the splendour of the morning sunshine makes it a really beautiful sight. I’m blessed to be living here. The sight of my bus coming down the road is a welcome sight as well ha.

The great thing about working nearby is that travelling time is cut down so much. For someone who hates travelling for more than an hour it’s a great thing. Sure, the hourly pay may be a dollar or two less but hey it balances out. Not to mention I’ve got a new assignment so I’m quite satisfied. I enjoy teaching, but I prefer one to one rather than a huge class. Makes things easier and more tailored to the individual child. Hope that this works out well!

I really enjoy my life now. Have yet another interview next Monday. It’s the absolute last one of all for university and I really hope that I do well. May take a bit of time off to think and prepare although I’m pretty lost to be honest. It’ll be worth it. It will be.

I’m really satisfied now. I have my moments of darkness. But when the light comes back, the trade off is more than worth it.