Pick me up

by Jolyn Low

The feeling that’s coursing through my soul for the past 16 hours is amazing. I’m calm again. It’s tranquil and quiet. Might be the calm before the storm, but this brewing battle I can face now. I’m back. I feel like I lost myself to some sort of half coherent blubbering desperate person, which is true, but I’m out of that funk. Reality has set in, and I will give it my best damn shot. In no manner do I not deserve my place. I will make sure that I do everything I can to prove that. I deserve better. And I’m going to get it.

I literally love everyone who’s been giving me support. Was asked if I needed time off to work on my admissions but I told the boss that I didn’t need it. Keeping busy has kept my mind off things too well. I’m so thankful that I took up this job.

The next 10 days are going to be crucial. No time for messing around. Here’s to getting things straight and not getting fucked over. I refuse to get fucked over in such a pathetic manner anymore.