Of water sprites

by Jolyn Low

It’s been an exhausting day. I woke up before my alarm (surprise…surprise) and laid in bed going through my subscription feed on YouTube as well as my emails. Procrastinated for a good hour before rolling out of bed and getting breakfast. Had a quick flip through the newspapers before quickly changing into formal wear and heading down for a 5 hour interview.

It was painful to say the least. Not in the emotional, psychological onslaught manner that panel interviews are like. This time, it was more from the sheer exhaustion derived from the numerous questions faced today. I’ve answered 400 questions about myself and my beliefs. Had a general knowledge quiz and a case study which little miss science student here has little to no idea about. Add in the stress of socializing and I’m dead beat.


My happy “I survived another interview” face whilst cuddling the dog because I’m one lonely kid.

I don’t even know if I want to appeal anymore. Should I just go for this? For the money? For the joy and recklessness?

When we pulled up before the school, my dad was really upbeat comparative to the previous occasions. We were talking about how new the building looked amongst the cluster of industrial old ones and he sent me off pretty damn cheerfully with gusto. I’m really quite in love with the building. Reminds me that I’m at my mom’s alma mater. And that I should be damn grateful for everything that I have. I feel quite inspired but essentially lost as hell. This is normal…isn’t it?

I just don’t have the motivation to fight back anymore. Why bother cracking a hard head?

Tomorrow is going to be a good day, I hope. Prepared my materials tonight for the kids. I’m trying to think of a more interactive/fun way to teach classification to one of them. It’s quite frustrating how something that came so easily and was so common sensical is something that the later generation struggles with. In my case, I grew up reading animal encyclopedias and books so it was no problem. I just wonder how they ended up this way. How do they not understand/comprehend this? Then I look back and realise that I’m a good 10 years older and have been through much more. I should be more understanding and patient.

Christ, such a life in university seems so appealing and fun.