Better than that, better than that

by Jolyn Low

Late night walks are becoming a habit these days. The days are just sometimes too packed that I’ve no time to unwind in peace. At times, I wish that I loved in a country with a cooler climate. Late night walks are best when slightly chilly. The lights were all out and the security guards were patrolling the grounds whilst I was roaming about with the dog. Suddenly, she took off and I had no idea which direction she went since it was a forked road. I recall seeing a little moving blob in the distance as the lady with the golden retriever pointed me in the right direction. I was starting to get worried. She was no where to be found. I’ve never walked her by this way either, and was terrified that she’d run out to the road. So I walked back towards the block praying that she got home safe. And she did. The silly girl was sitting in the middle of the lobby waiting for me. Thank goodness.

Yesterday was an eventful day. It passed by so quickly. I woke really early feeling like utter crap due to a lack of sleep. My body clock is seriously trying to kill me this time round. Got out for driving lessons – two back to back classes. So about 200 minutes of that. Christ, you may think that driving is easy but learning manual is tough. I’ve started on the roads (it was my second and third time respectively) and it’s extremely stressful. Changing gears when there’s a whole succession of traffic lights is horrible. But the good thing is that I’ve been driving around more and more places which is really fun. Singapore is extremely beautiful at times. Living in one of the less developed towns is quite frustrating at times due to accessibility issues. However, it is peaceful and provides a good break from concrete reality.

After the lessons, I headed for the train, going down to the alma mater to watch the finals. Sadly, had to head for tuition after. I was quite frustrated and I think that my tutees were quite tired as well. Had dad send me home because I was too damn exhausted. My legs were acting up once I got home and took a seat. My knees felt wobbly and my non-existent muscles felt so tensed up and burnt out.

Had another lesson today and I’ve finally passed my first stage of driving. On to the next stage! Spent my afternoon watching Running Man and reading Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman. Spent an hour drawing as well.

I’m going to work on another piece before I head to bed for a good rest. Am probably heading for the library tomorrow to borrow some books. We’ll see.