by Jolyn Low

The monsters are coming.

They are infectious, they kill. Small, but deadly. They can get anywhere, and once they get you, you’re gone. There won’t be any hope left. For you.

We left immediately. We ran in the frenzy, cut through the crazy traffic because it’s life and death; every man for himself. For us, it was every family for themselves.

Thankfully, we were all together at that time. I saw them coming. I saw the destruction. Felt the sheer panic, like an overdose of musky cologne choking one up, it’s tendrils wrapping around the throat and squeezing the life out.

We drove on. The town was up ahead. We were heading for our family friend’s apartment.

“You need to be ready for what’s ahead.”

“Where are you heading?”

“North. That’s where the infection hasn’t spread.”

“It’s cold. Take some change.”

We jumped back into the car and raced about the uphill neighbourhood. Whenever we met a dead end, panic shot through the veins. The place was deserted, empty semi-detached homes. Abandoned and ruined. Or maybe they’re just hiding, hoping that they’re not found. Impossible. We race up another path and thankfully hit another highway.

The forest was safer. The winding roads in the countryside meaning that we were further away from the destruction. We were high up on the hill. No one dared to look back. And no one dared to sleep. Forward was the way to go.

Far ahead, the border was approaching. The snow capped mountains a welcome sight. We were going to be safe from the infection at least for a while. A small town was up ahead. We raced towards it. Fear was never far from mind. I was prepared for one of those devils to appear and finally take us down. I was ready to face death. But not without putting up a fight.

We found the safe house, gathering our thoughts and preparing to flee yet again. Walking out felt naked. Adrenaline rushed through my veins as we ran about searching for a new ride. It was old and worn down, but it has to do.

I wonder how much further we’d have to go before we can stop. Would we make it to the north pole, to the ends of the earth before we finally escape? Where are all the rest?

In the meantime, the only thing I knew was that we had to run.


That was my dream last night (or early morning). It was so vibrant. I felt so alive. I’ve had two other dreams that have really stood out to me before but they’re messier and more difficult to pen down. One was quite romantic but the other was adventure packed. Living vicariously through my inner landscape.

Perhaps my dream is a reflection of my reality.