by Jolyn Low

Been heading to bed exhausted for the past week or so. It’s the feeling of being completely drained and lethargic, my body’s way of saying “I can’t take this anymore. I need to recharge.” But when I wake up in about 7 hours or so I feel so groggy that I just head right back to my dreams yet again. It’s not that I’ve been doing nothing. I have. I’ve been working, finishing up administrative things for university, learning driving, training, riding, and reading. But it feels like a complete waste of time. I’m standing at the platform waiting for the bullet train and I’m going to be left behind.

“How are babies made?”
– 10 year old tutee’s question because we were talking about reproduction

I had no idea how to answer because a) he thought that marriage made babies (how do animals have babies if they’re not married?) b) I believe that parents should sort out this sex talk, not a teacher. I really don’t mind teaching them scientifically but it’s quite inappropriate considering their ages.

Anyway, on the topic of sexual education, is it better for the child to learn about it independently or be taught (for naught of a better word) about it? To put things simply, should parents teach their children/explain to their children what sex is?

My life. I never want to be put in that position ever again. No kids for this bitch, no thank you.