2015: In Review

by Jolyn Low

It’s going to be a new year soon that marks the beginning of what I hope to be a new life overseas. I’m officially going to be heading to Perth, Australia to study the course of my dreams at my ideal university and I can’t be more excited for this new phase of my life. These days, I’m waking up envisioning how different my life will be in a couple months time and sometimes I doubt that I’m even embarking on this path – I simply can’t believe that it’s possible or even happening to me.

This year has been insane to put things simply. I feel as though I’ve accomplished way more than I’ve ever expected to whilst having been through horrendous failures. In a sense, I feel as though I’ve achieved yet had the most number of falls since then. I’m not entirely over it yet, but it has been a great lesson learnt and I’m rather immune to jackasses now. Lesson learnt: don’t give too many fucks because life is this uncontrollable cosmic mess that goes on.

In this year alone, I’ve had several working experiences – all in varying sectors. My boss often asks me why I work even though I don’t really have a need to. Why not ask my parents for money like most of my peers? I myself have no idea why I choose to clock in the hours that I do and choose to push myself even when I was in university – I suppose I crave this financial freedom and want to earn my own keep. It isn’t easy though, I admit that I had my laptop paid for by my parents and had received occasional assistance with more costly expenses such as driving. On the bright side, I passed on the first try so seems like it’s not a wasted skill!

Come to think about it, I’m so so entirely grateful for all the unconditional love, support and admonishing I get from my parents. Through the shit that went down and the insane chasing of my dreams they’re always there be it to criticise me for my attitude, give advice, or to support me in any way they can. I’m such a lucky kid :’) What did I even do to deserve all this? Nothing.

Over the course of this year I’ve also met so many people and I feel like I’ve really pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. Be it the more transient or those that I’ve reconnected with (I started the new year reconnecting with an old mate who replied “I fucking missed you, Jo”) its been pretty great making new friends and reconciling with the old. I’m entirely aware that I’ll lose some in my current path as I head overseas, but I’m entirely sure that those that matter will stay.

I’m packing and planning to pack for my future trips abroad. It’s exhilarating and I basically cannot wait to embark on this new journey next year. I can only wish for things to get better (especially at home) when I’m gone. Can’t wait to start blogging about leaving – its like therapy for my soul.