by Jolyn Low

To be entirely honest I’m fuming mad right now at 12.49am in the morning. I’ve to be up smiling and helpful in about 10 hours time and let’s just say that the past 24 and the following 48 hours are going to be utter shit.

I’ve been on a god damn goose chase for my missing passport (it usually lies somewhere around my table) and have searched my room for about 5 times when it turns out that its not even with me and I had urgent need of it this morning. Geez. Now, at the very least, I can proceed with the visa requirements and finally get the shit done. I only wish that I had the luxury of doing it earlier if only this stupid hiccup hadn’t taken place.

The next four days are going to be epic and pretty packed with work, admin stuff, and meeting up with people. A part of me wants to prolong this rather blissful and carefree time, whilst the other is raring to do new things. My only resolutions this year are to be happy, healthy and safe. I really really hope that I can follow through.

5 year plan: to stay alive and graduate

10 year plan: to settle down

I refuse to lead a small life and no way am I leaving my future in someone else’s hands.