by Jolyn Low

Leaving home for 10 months abroad seems so daunting that I wonder how I’d survive in a foreign land with no one to count on. It has come to a point (due to my procrastination) that I have literally no idea how I’m going to fend for myself. No idea how to cook a bowl of rice, how to do the dishes and how to do my laundry. On that living independently front, I’m screwed. Learning how to cook shall be another new year resolution. Let’s see how that goes when one is forced into that independence.

Thinking about university, I’ve never felt so contented as I do now. I guess that this is really my dream come true; studying what I like that would lead me to a career in this wonderful field. The fact that I’ve made it on my own special terms makes this opportunity even more precious than anything else I’ve ever been through in my life. And considering how defining this would be for my future, I’m glad that I took this otherwise insane leap and that I’m backed by my unconditionally supportive parents. Dreams are worth pursuing. That’s all I can say.

I’m going to miss home and Honey and all the good things in Singapore as well. It makes me feel so wistful, to be leaving this place. I guess I know that I’m going to be leaving quite a lot of things behind, and that as I evolve as a person for 5 years in a different environment, my outlook of the world and disposition might become inherently disagreeable to some. Am probably going to be a little behind in life as I graduate later; 24 when I’m back – who knows what’s going to be happening then?

Packing up and seeing the room becoming emptier by the day makes me more melancholic than I would think.