Burning holes through the dark

by Jolyn Low

What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?

It has been over three months away from home with only five and a half weeks till I’m back. I’ve been gunning for what I want, and plan to do more as I stumble through school and life the best I can. Coming to a new place with literally no friends was petrifying at first. But things are great now and I’m loving life here. It’s been everything that I’ve dreamed of and more, and I’m ever so glad that I spent that stormy afternoon working on and finally submitting my application which got me where I am right now.

School is a blur. Information and readings are piling up though assignment deadlines are chasing me down and I feel like I’m drowning at times, it comes with the extreme satisfaction that I will pull through always. To be very honest, I do find some units rather mundane given that I’ve done it before (cough *chemistry*) but I still see the value in refreshing the information and getting used to academic life yet again. It’s also essential, I suppose, to get my foundation in science really solid before progressing to the other topics in later years.

Have I changed? Yes, yes I have. But have I grown? I’m honestly not very sure. I think that I have. I hope that I have. I’ve gotten more comfortable in my own skin and more confident. That’s what I can say.

I miss the food back home dearly. There’s only so many meals of badly cooked dirt cheap pasta you can have before you tire of it and start reminiscing about how bloody convenient and affordable hawker centre food is. Public transport is also a far cry from Singapore’s, with wait times twice or even thrice as long. Don’t get me started on how safe I feel going about alone. I dare not walk around with headphones in let alone without a weapon in my grip. But since I’m on that topic, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t harassment back home either. It’s always relative and if it ever happens, I’m ready to stand up for myself.


I love

the sound of waves


enveloped in

the darkness

of our light