by Jolyn Low

I have about 120 days in Perth before I head home again. It seems rather strange to be counting down the days. It is as though I hate studying and cannot wait to be back. That is not true to say the least. I do enjoy what I am studying and am in fact excited for the start of my next semester which commences tomorrow. I’ve just been struggling very badly for the past few days and it is at times like these that I yearn so very badly to be home. 

I have been quite stressed out with budgeting for this semester. Unit readers and laboratory manuals are expensive despite their relative affordability as compared to textbooks. I had sworn that I would not purchase one this semester – I was forced to do so for one self-learnt unit last semester and thankfully I was able to find a buyer for it. It would be inevitable, I suppose, to have to purchase texts in my later years for reference. But for now, I’ll try to wing it. The current situation is better than expected though. Despite big ticket purchases such as overalls (in the less than ideal colour nonetheless!) and boots, I’ve somehow managed to save on readers by printing it out myself – thank the heavens for a relatively cheap laser printer. I’m right on track and it is a big burden off my chest for now. I might even be able to splurge a little here and there which sounds like a real treat to be honest. Curse immunisations for being expensive though. 

The past week in Perth was spent unpacking, gathering materials for the next semester and basically trying to enjoy life before uni begins again. I am quite determined to excel. I received a letter from the school congratulating me on my results. It made me really quite happy. To be very honest I take an immense amount of pride in my work and I am satisfied when it is received well. I think I might stick it up on my wall as encouragement to get another one after this semester 😉 

Meanwhile, I have also managed to sit down and read a book. I was reading a series on wattpad on the plane ride over and for the first couple of days. Whilst waiting for school to start I’ve also managed to complete To Kill A Mockingbird last night. Taking time out to read gives me this indescribable joy. I really enjoyed this book. I hope to take some time here and there in the midst of a gruelling semester to read more. I wish that I had taken down the words that were new to me. I used to keep a vocabulary book when I was little to help me remember new words. I have lost that practise, but I really would like to pick it up again. I want to improve. I’ve been feeling unsatisfied with my grasp of english for a while now. It is time to take action. 

I am also thinking of keeping a journal just to keep track of my progress and thoughts through life. It would be interesting as I find myself in this crazy whirlpool of emotions and musings every single day. I suppose that I would also like to look back on these as fond memories in the future. Wouldn’t that be nice. 

Posted this up a day late because my wifi at home is THAT bad. It’s freezing.