Of cattle and greener pastures

by Jolyn Low

Today, I learnt how to um…do things with cows?

For example, I learnt how to restrain their heads and check how old they are. I’ve also learnt how to tie ropes around them and a range of knots which I have unfortunately already kinda forgotten. And the best thing that happened today is that: I didn’t die! Okay, fair enough I was frustrated with how slow working with cattle can be. With sheep, it was a very individualistic practise: just get hold of a sheep and do your own thing. But with cows, its not that easy. But I am alive; thank you Bridget for being sweet and nice.

Walked all the way from the farm back home – an almighty distance when you’re carrying gumboots and overalls covered in cow shit. I was mulling things over again, with a war between logic and emotions raging in my head. I didn’t check my phone as I was busy being envious of people who actually had cars because I was feeling so pathetic and sorry for myself on the walk back home. Came back, collapsed on my chair after stripping and finally checked my phone and I got a call from the place that I submitted my cv to! Also made plans to go out for dinner tomorrow after a long day in school so I’m pretty happy right now.

It has been a very stormy day. I wish to be cuddled in my bed reading a nice book but unfortunately that’s not happening at the rate that I am procrastinating. Blame the exhaustion from being frozen to death during farm prac or just having focussed really well in lectures today but I really need to destress. Bought things for hun bun (it was on discount!) so I’m really very happy as well.