Three weeks

by Jolyn Low

Life has become quite wonderful. I’ve experienced so much this semester that I otherwise would not have if I hadn’t lost. My recent study break has been quite a fruitful stint. I have:

  • gone to the mall (which is rare)
  • attended a birthday party that is embedded in an entirely different culture, making it so eye-opening
  • had a sleepover
  • attempted muah chee and had an international dinner with my apartment mates, trying Russian, Malaysian, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese and Australian cuisine
  • gone for walks to see the horses and fed them carrots that I got for free
  • attended a cooking class and had Singaporean food
  • visited a old hang out spot with new company, discovering new places (an old school sweet shop and mystic shop!) and having bubble tea (my one true love) also found a mystic ball which told me that its unlikely that I get my HDs, but will get a lot more *cough married before 30, getting the position, scholarship and money*
  • pranked my roommate as an early birthday surprise with a shit tonne of post it notes which was a glorious success that would be immortalised on social media forever
  • tried shisha and stayed out for late night pizza, driving through the fog to get home and coming back at 3am


It is good to be happy, and better to forget. The 11 days of break have been terribly quick to pass

I have three weeks before the next study break. Lucky me, having a total of 3 weeks to study in one semester. This means that one semester is 17 weeks long – 4 weeks of school, a break, 3 weeks of school, another break, and 5 weeks before the final break and 2 weeks of exams. These weeks would be filled with mid semester exams that I am hopelessly unprepared for, and a crazy three days of examination, presentation and submissions. I wish to pull through it well, and make it to the next study break, where I would need to study for two other mid semester papers on soils and pastures!

On the bright side, more things are happening all the same! I have never imagined that uni life would be like that but it is, and its really happening for me. I’m so thankful for the bubble of friends that I’m surrounding myself with. And most of all, I’m happy to be me again. No more lack of concentration in lessons and inability to focus on work, no more coming home to cry helplessly in bed, and no more restless nights and waking up at 4am. Time really flies when you’re having a good time, and I wish to do so much more in these remaining 4+ years. 

I want to camp outside and spend the night at the sand dunes with a million stars twinkling above. I want to drive to a remote beach and read a book in the raging silence. I want to go on road trips with friends, exploring the lonely towns that are littered across the vast space of WA. I want to ride horses again, living out my childhood dreams of mustering cattle out on a farm. And I still want to do so much more. 

Bring it on. I can’t wait.