Drop dead

by Jolyn Low

I’m sitting here in my bedroom eating rainbow cake and basically wasting away because I’m too exhausted to do anything. 

Today, I had my first test of the semester, which was basically 40 minutes of easy statistical questions. I saw the privilege walk being conducted on the way to school. I fell asleep in lecture where we were supposed to learn about pastures, and thought of him less. I had lunch and drove a mate’s manual car after about a year of not touching one. 

I also had a pig handling practical, which was really quite interesting to say the least. Pigs happen to be the species that I’ve the absolute least amount of interaction with in my life, but geez, are they more than what meets the eye. Reading Hannibal has planted the idea that pigs are crazy beasts that can be trained to eat humans. It is crazy, but I digress. It feels so strange to see these animals that people usually associate with mud and dirt in a clean and sterile environment. Even stranger with regards to the biosecurity requirements before we can even handle them!

I think that one of the saddest moments in life went down today. With my ears plugged and a strong determination to restrain a pig, I couldn’t even lift it up with my right hand (it was 15kg) and I have never felt so pathetically weak in my life. Catching an animal that I have never caught before comes with a lot of bravado and the desperation of needing to do it in order to pass the unit. Its a mixture of “oh, what if I mess up” and “why can’t I do this?!” with “you need to do this to pass and go on for 4 years of vet school” racing through my brain. It really doesn’t help that I’m very scrawny and tire easily. But it makes sense to actually work out a little now. For the sake of passing this unit!

Okay so I came home smelling of pigs, and after a nice warm shower and some food I’m sitting in my room and I’m just so exhausted beyond belief that I wanted to sleep from 6pm to the next day. Life is good when you celebrate birthdays, make impromptu plans and work with animals. It is really really good and I’m glad that I’ll be doing this for the next couple of years.