Oh, my soul

by Jolyn Low

It feels like forever since I have written, and the past few days have passed so quickly that I’ve barely been able to decompress. And the next few days will pass as such too. There is lab tomorrow, clubbing, bootcamp, meeting a friend from home, and volunteering to pass the next 3 days. I wish that I have been putting in more effort into studying, but no. I’m kinda savouring life, taking the time to do ridiculous things like painting paper brollies, giving the bucking bull machine a pathetic go at the festival, and getting henna which inevitably got entirely smudged within 5 minutes. 

Vet school has been pretty sweet. I have booked my extramural farm experience for the summer, which is so exciting. I cannot wait to travel further for these experiences once I get used to it. I finally get a slight breather next week with a break from farm practicals, which gives me the time to work on tests and submissions. I only wish to be on the path where I can learn, grow and excel, uninhibited and unlimited in any way.