by Jolyn Low

Boy, when I left you, you were young
I was gone, but not my love
You were clearly meant for more
Than a life lost in the war
I want you to be happy
Free to run, get dizzy on caffeine
Funny friends that make you laugh
And maybe you’re just a little bit dappy
Feel your mother at your side
Don’t you know you got my eyes
I’ll make you fly
You’ll be happy all the time
I know you can make it right
Boy, now your life is back-to-front
But you’ll see that’s not for long
‘Cause I know you’ll feel the ghost
Of some memories so warm

I just watched Train to Busan today, and my roommate asked me what I would do if I were in the situation of being in a zombie apocalypse. Of course, I joked, being the selfish asshole that I am, that I would save myself. But no, I wouldn’t have. I would’ve (given my skills) tried to find a cure. I might not have the same sentiments of saving my child as I don’t know what a mother’s love is, but I think that all of us can agree that life extends beyond our personal trajectories.