The other side of paradise

by Jolyn Low

50 days to home. And now the real countdown to finals begins, for they begin exactly one month later. I don’t have much time to study, not with 12 lectures a week and farm practicals resuming. I’m making excuses, I know, and I reason with myself that I deserve a break for putting in 100% for lectures and classes. 

I have received my very first solid distinction result for this semester for my soils and pastures examination. I could’ve studied harder perhaps, and started earlier instead of on the Saturday when my exam was on Monday. But hey, it’s over, and I just have to do well for my finals to clear 80 marks. I’m also afraid for my animal handling exam. I just had my second sheep practical today and I feel so unprepared and frustrated. I don’t know how to find the jugular vein, and I feel like such a failure when my classmates are getting it and have done it multiple times alone and I only managed one sample with the lecturer literally saying “here, its this spot” and I merely insert the needle and get the sample. I also didn’t manage to cover putting the ram harness on, tying the sheep up or making a halter. My knots are a mess, and I feel so completely out of my depth. The sheep are heavy and strong, some of them weigh more than I do, and I just don’t even know how to get extra practice because there’s only that many hours we have in the shed. 

I went to view a house with my friend yesterday and it was so beautifully located. We could imagine hosting dinners at the patio but unfortunately its been snagged. It’s a pity, and just made me more frustrated with the whole house hunting thingamajig. We need a house to move into in December. And I literally do not know what I can do about it because there’s so many factors to consider when choosing a home! There’s also market factors to consider – what kind of houses will be freeing up in the coming weeks, where they’re located and what’s their asking price. It’s a huge headache and it is compounded by the lack of knowledge we have about applications and such. 

I just want to ace my finals, finish this semester well and get a job at home to earn some money during the holidays. Just please, 4.0 GPA, settle the rent, and maybe get a job. That’s all I need.