by Jolyn Low

My weeks pass by way too quickly. I start to prepare for the coming week on Sundays, and before I know it it’s Wednesday, and Friday comes just a day after. 

This semester has been a struggle between crying my eyes out, finding the motivation to listen in class and completing whatever assessments that we have to do when I barely have an idea of what is going on. It has gotten better, I have to admit. Despite my slacking in the academic department, I’ve managed to complete a lot more than I’ve expected to this semester, and have found like-minded friends who really help me through the fences and ditches that litter the path ahead. This is not to say that I’m giving up on my studies per se, I am not. I still do strive for my HDs, but my life is not as consumed by my studies and doing well as before. It is much more enjoyable this way. 

On to lighter topics – I spent my Tuesday afternoon laughing with my friends and walking around the village with a dinosaur costume. Making people happy is a joy indeed. Getting free cupcakes is a wonderful thing as well. 


On Wednesday, I had my second horse practical and it was pretty awesome. I absolutely adore horses and got smitten by a this beautiful mare. She was so kind and lovely, allowing us unworthy students mess around with her feet and trot her around with no fuss at all. She had the loveliest eyes and the prettiest dished nose as well. I wish I owned a horse like her. Horses are just such beautiful creatures; it makes me extremely happy whenever I get the chance to work with them. 


I also managed to grab a horse’s tongue. #achievementunlocked Feeling much more confident working with horses now, though you’d think that having grown up riding them every week I’d be comfortable around them by now! Am also probably so euphoric because of the amount of encouragement and help I received during the prac – ageing and the upcoming handling exam really don’t feel all that terrifying right now. 

Thursday was spent in school. After a few lectures I got free pizza and listened to a talk on reptile care. The day ended with my last statistics tutorial and I went home and made brownies. They were burnt because instructions clearly cannot be trusted. 

My Friday was quite the eventful day. I had a lecture and laboratory session. Was told that many people fared badly for the previous lab report and quite a few failed. I was expecting a dip in my marks because I didn’t really put in the best effort but I got surprised with my highest score yet. I rushed off to a clinic for an interview, whilst mulling over what a classmate said about animal welfare and veterinary school. Finished my interview, came back and did my laundry and cleaned my room after weeks of neglect. Then went for an event in school and went to Curtin for a pasar malam! 

I miss the food back home, and had so much trouble deciding on what to eat. I had legit mi goreng in the end, and saved the rest of my cash for later. Decided to go stargazing at Lancelin and so we started the drive around midnight and reached at 2am. Climbed up and down dunes till we reached a valley and I laid on a dune to look at the stars. I saw the milky way, and the orion. We climbed back up the sandy dunes that were about 20 metres tall in the dark of the night, and I felt so very free and alive under the stars clambering on all fours at times because it was just that steep. 


I drifted in and out of sleep on the ride back, and we had breakfast at a cafe in Fremantle. We napped for an hour in the car. The cafe opened at 6.30am and so we went in. I’m so surprised that people are up at that time, and it makes me feel like a bum for only waking at 7.30am on most days. I want to start my day early, too. The sun rises earlier these days, at 5.30am. I ought to make it a habit to wake early and make the most of my day. That sounds like a fantastic idea. 

I came back and slept till 12. Woke to get some fried rice from my roommate, and then showered and crashed throughout the afternoon again. I was exhausted, undeniably so. 

Today, I wanted to go grocery shopping to start my day. I went there at 9, only to find that the shops only opened at 11. Welp. Looks like I’m going hungry for a day or so because I just can’t be bothered going back there again today. Tuesday, maybe.

I ended up going on a walk with my friends to Bibra Lake and it was pretty nice. Black swans are scary creatures, that’s for sure.

I have 3 weeks before my first paper, and another 5.5 to home.