Maybe we’re meant to be alone

by Jolyn Low

It is so exciting to have your favourite bands come out with new albums almost simultaneously. The similar yet changed sound makes me so happy just listening and soaking it in. I found these bands a year ago, and oh, how much has changed since then! We evolve, and we change, sometimes so quickly that it is hard to imagine being the person you were just a few months ago!

The days fly by too quickly, for living in the present does that to you. You, reader, I wonder what your present is, and I really hope that it is going well for you. I’ve slowly learnt to let go of the relentless chase for success and money and just take the time to savour being alive. My prayers have come true – what is more wonderful than this? I’m going home in 32 days, and I cannot wait to see my family and friends again. 

I want to save up for my very first car, and go for hikes every Saturday morning. I want to spend time working with the animals that I love, and spend time with my friends. I want to go running, try out the (not so) new prata place near home and bring my beloved dog on long walks where we used to go. 

The strong me emerges occasionally, and she revels in the fresh air and freedom. But the weak me creeps in silently, and plagues me with doubts and horrible thoughts. I am strong when I am 100% focused in my work, when I occlude the jugular vein of a 600kg cow and relentlessly work on becoming a better veterinary student during animal handling practicals. She appears when I go for bootcamp and lives in the present of burning lungs and aching legs. She is present all the time, really, as long as I choose to be. 

I dissected a sheep’s brain and eye this week, boy, was it fun. I love dissection labs and practicals the most because lectures get rather boring after a while. The next week will be a busy one but let’s go!