Recent happenings

by Jolyn Low

So, let’s get to the good news. I passed my animal handling exam! After hours of anxiously checking my email and even going to my student email, I don’t think I’ve found an email from the unit coordinator telling me to go back down to redo sheep. Hurrah! Four finals are finished, which also means that I only have two left. Also, I will be going home in 10 days! How exciting. Exam results will be released on the 9th, which is something I (strangely enough) am looking forward to. I would also probably need to fly back on the 9th, which I don’t know what I feel about at the moment. 

On the shittier side of things, I need to pack up and settle how I’m going to move. Also need to hound someone for a reply about something and generally sort things out before I leave. It gets on my nerves how some people don’t even have the decency to reply. Like, I get if you’re busy or need time to sort things out but certain situations are inexcusable. 

Today (Saturday) was otherwise a pretty good day, though. I watched Finding Dory (again), Jinn and the later portion of Aladdin last night at the rec room with friends, went for a nice jog this morning and had a good conversation. After that, I’m just holing up in my room pseudo studying for statistics. I don’t really hate it, I just dislike how tedious and tiring it is to do a past year paper because surprise, there’s quite a fair bit of writing involved. Oh, I made an orange poppy seed cake yesterday, and it tasted pretty good. My soul is satisfied. 

Oh, fun story. On Friday, Jo, Alia and I went to get a free tv table for their new house (I won’t be joining them despite initial plans) as it’s unfurnished. So we borrowed a car and went, with me driving. We got to the place to see a whole stash of free furniture and there happened to be a double bed in the mess. So Alia took the bed for herself, and we had to squish it into the car with the tv set above. Since I was the smallest and we put down the middle seats, I had to squeeze under the mattress whilst the two others took the front. And it’s pretty messed up because I literally couldn’t get out and Jo grabbed me under the arms like a child and dragged me out of the door which must’ve looked pretty hilarious to Alia. Also found that I’m super weak – thanks guys I know. But I passed animal handling, how about that?!

I’ve come to the realisation that my studying these days is me being a cocksure little asshole not really truly studying. I don’t know why I’m like that, but I generally don’t really study study, I simply do past year papers and remember how to answer in a way that gets me marks. It’s not that I don’t struggle with new concepts, I really do when they are introduced. But once I get the main points and the type of questions that come out I’m pretty cocksure and confident of doing well – or at least good enough to get a high distinction. But that isn’t the point. I should be studying to expand my knowledge, not just for the grades.