Smooth sailing

by Jolyn Low

Today has been pretty great. I got an additional farm placement at a dairy farm, and I’m so excited for it because it would be my first ever prac with full board! So I will be doing 3 weeks during this summer holidays – one week of dairy cattle, a week of wildlife and one week of horses. It sounds wonderful because if I’m lucky I reckon that I would get to see calving *crosses fingers* and who doesn’t love baby animals?! I also think that it is good to try and finish my pracs quickly whilst I am relatively free and burden free. I also just got my interview rescheduled to after my paper this Friday – I hope it goes well, for it means being financially self sufficient during term time. That would be a wonderful experience as well. 

I have also signed my contract a couple of days ago so I’m pretty happy. Would feel better if I could go down to shadow before I leave, so I might give them a call tomorrow and ask. Since the room is unfurnished I would also need to furnish it myself and since I foresee myself staying there for a good 4 years I have my mom’s blessing to furnish it, with new furniture nonetheless! This is so extremely exhilarating and wonderful for I think it has always been a dream to furnish my own room in my own style and way. I remember watching ‘Groom my room’ on kids central and always being so envious of them because they got to makeover their rooms. Ikea catalogs are also my favourites; I would pore through the catalog when it arrived every year. This would all be done on a budget, of course, but what is 2 week’s rent when you are going to live in that place for the rest of your studies? DIY projects make me excited as well. 

Also, just one week left to home for a little bit! I cannot wait for summer.