4. Coping Mechanisms

by Jolyn Low

Currently watching/watched: How to Get Away with Murder, Hacksaw Ridge

Read: Nineteen Minutes

Currently stressing over buying the car because of the consequences of getting a shitty one. I also have to sort out administrative work related to the vehicle transfer and ensure that the car can get me 250km south to Cowaramup safe and sound. Some things aren’t adding up; I have a shitload of organising and packing to do before the 3 weeks of non-stop pracs. I want to buy spray on sunblock but I legitimately don’t know if I have the budget to do so at the moment.

There’s also rego due soon, uni parking fees to sort out and car insurance to decide on. Unsure about whether purchasing a manual car is wise, for I always stress out at slopes and am quite terrible at hills when tired. Got cheap shirts and shorts from the boy’s section at kmart for prac which I find very thrilling. Did 3 loads of laundry and finally did my whites. Need to start on flexi week portfolio and do up a template for the upcoming prac activity logs and keep to it whilst doing pracs if not I’m definitely going to fall behind schedule.

Irritated that I don’t get to celebrate CNY back home – I want my reunion dinners and steam boats. Maybe next year, or the year after. Or the next. Maybe never. 2021?

Just tired of the never ending adulting. Don’t get me wrong, it is very exciting to exercise all this independence. It just gets exhausting ensuring that everything goes well all by myself – with studies, bills, transport and investing money. People have parents choosing their accommodation for them and don’t need to lift a finger to do anything, and here I am handling all of it by myself.