5. The new 

by Jolyn Low

As I have grown, I find myself more nostalgic and appreciative of occasions such as the new year. Being abroad when such festive periods pass by is definitely different due to my current circumstances. On half of these holidays I am busy with work, which I do not mind, really, if it wasn’t an occasion that I truly enjoyed. I think that Chinese New Year is the one that I cherish the most, and for that I wished that I was back. Then again, I had a really good time last night having steamboat with a friend and his family, which is something that would not have happened in any other way.

Being around many Singaporeans is a rather rare occurrence for me. I have not lived with one ever since I have moved to Perth and even though I have many classmates and friends who are, we do not interact in the same way. Last night made me rather wistful, for I miss the comforting familiarity of interacting and joking that only happens with Singaporeans. It was very warm and welcoming. I feel very out of touch, and a little displaced but I absolutely loved it.

Things to be grateful for:

  • Transferred ownership of my car – which means that I am the proud owner of my very first car!
  • Had a wonderful time at the beach this morning/afternoon. I had a nice swim, and we played frisbee and acted like little kids burying each other and making funny sand sculptures
  • A little bunny was brought into the clinic. We named him Thumper and decided to keep him since I had Stormy’s cage, hay and food anyways. He is the cutest little thing.
  • Bubble tea + sausage rolls
  • Board games night!

I am hopelessly sunburnt, for I had rushed out of the house without applying sunblock properly to my back and shoulders. I have the swimsuit tanline on my top and bottom half and now plan on hiding indoors for the next few (rainy) days. I am trying to take the time to do the things that I would not have the luxury to entertain properly once school restarts. I am taking the opportunity to go to the beach and swim, sort through things and give notes and old readers that I no longer need away.

Currently exhausted for I had driven back home around 12+am and was tired behind the wheel. I was going about 10kms below the speed limit all the way but I suppose what matters is that I am home safe and sound.