6. Away

by Jolyn Low

I will be spending the next week on a farm 250kms away from Perth, surrounded by dairy cattle and, hopefully, little calves.

It will be my first time driving for such a distance all by myself – I usually have company when I explore new places but I feel quite out of my depth this time. Despite driving about solo quite confidently most of the time, I don’t have much experience with long distances. The only relevant experience I’ve had was a drive from Johor Bahru back to Singapore about 5 days after I got my license. But that was with the supervision of my dad, of course.

I am counting on my car to take me there safe and sound, as well as a stack of old CDs that I had brought back from Singapore to keep me company. The mechanic has checked Marcello over and said that it had no problems, with nothing major to be done. This comes as a relief for I had purchased it without any help. Marcello currently has pink floor mats, which makes me feel quite bimbotic but happy just because.

After the whole lost guinea pig fiasco, I now have a little bunny named Thumper. He was brought into the clinic after being found under a car. He’s the cutest little thing and runs freely around the house. I think that he’s brilliant for he is litter trained, low maintenance and wanders around the apartment by himself.

Over the CNY holiday my mom told me that they might fly over to Perth for a visit sometime this year, which makes me very excited. I don’t quite get to see them all quite enough already, and it will only get worse from here on out once I hit year 3-5 with clinical placements to complete on top of my live-in commitments and eventual 42 weeks of annual term time. Everyone is growing up and it is so difficult even planning dates since all 3 of us are studying – in university and polys respectively. Also, since it isn’t very often that I fly back, coupled with the last family holiday being ages ago (end 2014!), I am hoping that these plans come to fruition this year instead of the next.

My job tonight is to drain a Jackson-Pratt drain attached to a cat, and the prospect of doing such *cool* stuff in the future makes me very excited. I am still very ignorant, and I do have a very long way to go but I love this hands-on, practical learning and wisdom that I get almost every day. This fills me up with a lot of anticipation for the next 3 years and 10 months and the lifetime ahead. I’ll get to be a vet!

I don’t feel quite prepared for the farm prac, but there’s always going to be a first! Just happened that I’d snagged an extra placement and it’s solo from the very get go. Praying that I don’t get lost, and get fed well for the next week hehe.