by Jolyn Low

My week back in Singapore has passed by too quickly. But it is good, perhaps, for I can now approach school with new found motivation and vigour. I still feel quite out of place in the country that I very much want to call home. My family might be visiting in June as well, which is a possibility that excites me. I will miss Honey though, and I have no idea when I shall return again.

This is quite embarrassing but I’ve lost Thumper a while back. He was the cutest little bunny with a lot of character. I like to think that he was a very special wild rabbit, for he would come to the door to greet me when I got back, and would insist on sleeping in my room with me. He thought that the window ledge was his territory, and would bask in the sunlight on the sunniest of afternoons. He would also do binkies all over my bed. I’m a rabbit convert now – screw guinea pigs. I would think that I’m a horrid owner but then again he would have hated being stuck in a cage, and free range was the way to go. I solemnly swear not to get another pet again (unless something suitable hops into my life again).