by Jolyn Low

I feel very restless. The part of me that once endeavoured to explore the world has been awoken again, and I feel like I’m finally seeing the light yet again. I have honestly been quite self-limiting in my outlook and plans for the future when I literally have the whole world that can be explored. The wonders and joys of a (future) veterinary degree, indeed.

In the meantime, university has just been a blur of lectures, practical classes with a little too much formalin, and the little bits of study and idiosyncrasies in between. I have been trying to enjoy the weather whilst it is still lovely with warm, sunny days and cool nights. On the flipside, I’m struggling to be 100% motivated with my studies which is quite bad considering how mid semesters are coming in a few days time. I simply cannot dedicate and give my all for my grades because I know how, if I were to hold myself up to unreasonable standards, I would crash and burn.

Whilst moseying my way through the week I have yet again come to the conclusion that I have life very good. I might not be the wealthiest, and I shall definitely never be wealthy with a future salary that pales in comparison to many other occupations, but I will have a life worth living for. I have a safe roof above my head, am not hungry or wanting, have good self-esteem, am surrounded by friends and am loved by my family. What a privilege it is to be me.

Spent my Friday evening till Saturday afternoon learning about exotic companion animals, which honestly makes me quite happy. Also discovered that I might be allergic to guinea pigs (cue sad face) and hence spent the following 4 hours sniffling and flaring up. Such is life, but it was a weekend well spent. Now on to the tests!

Mentioned to my friend how I felt like my personality was incompatible with 95% (or more) of the other people in this small world. Which is incredibly sad, but undeniably true when I think about most of the relationships that have fallen through.