by Jolyn Low

I didn’t feel like responding when my mother asked if we could FaceTime tonight. I’d just finished a short workout and wanted to shower. It felt disruptive, and it is very tempting and easy to simply say “I don’t have time for that” in order to escape. Anyway, I took the initiative to call her instead and we had a nice conversation. I think that as a young person who’s been brought up very sheltered and never wanting, the only things that I can’t get instantaneously are job satisfaction and strong relationships. All of which take time and effort to develop and maintain.

In the end, my conversation with my Mother made my day. I miss my parents a lot more than I think I thought I would, and I just want them to come over in June despite the shitty timing right smack during  exams. I think that this serves as a reminder that no matter what, I am nothing without my parents and there really is no excuse to not make time for them. I also want to cuddle my dog. Perhaps a little trip back before year 3 begins would be a good idea.

I am just very tired. Of everything. It’s okay though. I just need to get through one last day of class and I’m free to recuperate and do things that make me happy and study properly.

My Easter weekend hasn’t passed very well. I am sickly and weak. I was also stuck with insolent dogs that just wouldn’t stop barking and let me have some good alone time. On the bright side I got a short pet sitting gig, which pays extremely well for what I actually do. I literally get 30 bucks to feed the dogs and play with them for half an hour per day. Best job ever because its so relaxing and chill. I end up just sitting there ruminating and palpating the dogs because its just fun to do so. I’ve also finished watching How to Get Away with Murder (season 3) and finished reading All Creatures Great and Small. I want to watch Logan. And then probably read one of the paperbacks I’ve gotten at the thrift shop if time permits.