by Jolyn Low

I feel incredibly tired and not-good today. The past few nights have been tough because I had been waking at 3/4am to medicate a sick patient and my sleep has been compromised. I tried to give her a little bit more love and extra cuddles because she had gone through an exploratory laporatomy and it probably hurt like hell. The irregular hours mean that I have had some very lucid dreams as of late. I dreamnt that I had shaved my head whilst on the run from the authorities where I was eventually persecuted (ie I died). In another I was being a little shithead in a relationship (yet again). 

It was 8 degrees when I crawled out of bed this morning and 9 when I drove to school, which was chilly. I listened to The Script as I was on the highway because the radio is 90% advertisements. Accelerating to 100kms makes me feel incredibly liberated and in control. I had thought that I was confident for my paper, but not as much as I would have liked. I hate hedging my bets and not being able to answer questions precisely. It was disappointing to say the least. But all there is to do is to wise up and prepare slightly differently next time.

We finished our dog dissection today after 6 weeks of lab. These sessions are often incredibly tedious, but I always feel happy whenever we uncover a section that isn’t already tampered with and dried up. I don’t think I shall tire of them until the day I get to do real surgeries (just under 2 years now!). 10 months to clinical coats, and then onto a lot more interesting things!

We palpated a horse today and I had fun picking up the hay and feeding it. I love putting things on my flat palm (the proper way of feeding, mind you!) and letting them nuzzle my hand. Animals are the best.