by Jolyn Low

I would like to say that I’m doing well. But I’m not focused or motivated at all. I don’t feel like studying, let alone preparing for the upcoming tests and what not. Lessons are incredibly tedious and draining because the lectures are not stimulating at all. And instead of feeling excited and anticipating the classes, I just go through the motions. I don’t even feel panicky for my upcoming tests because literally everything has turned out well thus far. In fact, some had exceeded my expectations. Maybe I just like being overtly strict with myself and panic at every little detail I fail to consider.

Otherwise, I’ve completed avatar: the last airbender and I don’t think that I shall begin on the legend of korra until finals are over. Wilbur is going fine and has learnt how to eat hay and kale! He also got another haircut and a bath, and he has huge testicles. I’m considering getting him a friend because I’m afraid that he would get lonely. Am also missing the buns because having her here would have been great. Also, just thought about how long more I have in this lovely land and its just 3.5 more years to go!