My guinea pig is now a fat little blob. He eats way too much hay, and poops too much. It’s excessive, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. He’s been finishing it off faster than Thumper ever has, and Thumper was much more active and was about the same size too.

So, as all good loving owners do, I googled it. And apparently it’s not anything to be too worried about. I’ll learn more next year in nutrition anyway. I weighed him and he hasn’t put on any weight at all. How strange. I was keen on feeding him a lot so that he’ll grow bigger and gain some weight because he was frightfully skinny from only being fed pellets. I wanted him to become like one of those huge boars. But now I reckon the wisest course of action would be to reduce his supply of hay by a little, and make him walk around more.

At the very least, he’s now much better with me coming up to his cage. He also wanders around the house a lot more comfortably. It makes me quite happy that he’s getting out of his shell and developing a silly guinea pig personality.


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