Since I have 9 days left before my first paper, I have:

  • Gone for my first vet bbq and drank cider
  • Studied in the museum till 9pm and scared myself when walking to my car
  • Freaked out when driving home because the highway exit was extremely foggy whilst literally nothing else was
  • Blew $40 on hay and bedding for Wilbur and set up his instagram account
  • Spazzed over p101’s performances for the week
  • Decided to watch a chinese movie – it seems to be a romantic comedy version of Pride and Prejudice
  • Cried when the girl broke up with the guy because it made me sad. She could see that what he wanted to do was incongruent with her 1 year plan, and wanted him to achieve his dream so she left. They ended up meeting again when she was carrying out her original plan, which was to travel, and he was on a work trip. It was ridiculous but they worked out in the end! Yay for love
  • Also, the girl’s ex was a complete asshole i.e. cheated on her with a rich girl, despite her working her ass off to support his university studies when he couldn’t afford it. And the girl who snatched her man kept accusing her of not letting him go, which I find ridiculous because she did. She even ran away from the city. But she’s so pretty that she ended up with a better catch in the end. Again, yay for the main characters!
  • Considering watching more chinese shows because they are quite interesting. The lead was so pretty. The guy, not so much my taste but still sweet. RIP finals, RIP grades.

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