by Jolyn Low

I am wondering if I should shift to another platform…I find myself having sporadic bursts of creativity and phases where I just need an outlet. I have many pictures too, which makes me wonder if I should make the switch to dayre. Maintaining two would be too much, which makes me hesitate because this site has been the sole one for a whole 3+ years. I like its privacy but I will eventually delete it or lock it up when I am about to graduate because I don’t find it compatible with my chosen career. Not unless I write about my cases but even so, it is not something that I want.

I write because of my introversion and to sort out the billions of thoughts that race through my mind. This is because I often easier to leave things unsaid in real life. I also like to practice expressing myself in a non-academic way. Writing is a wonderful exercise where I get to play with words. And reading is another joyous complement. I love literature and poetry, and that is why I write about my own experiences even though a vast majority are still sensored and polite. 

Today, I made a major decision that I shall pursue next year. I still have some convincing and research to do, but otherwise I feel relatively confident that I can carry it out. I predict that it will be difficult, but I want it badly. And we all know that when it comes to things that I want, I don’t quite give up.